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For inquiries about Green Local Government Portal’s media publications and secondary use of contents, please contact us via the following email address. If you have any feedback about this website or questions/support messages for the local governments’ environmental energy policies, please feel free to contact us. Such feedback is important for ensuring the smooth operation of our website.

For questions related to the contents of the website, we are unable to provide individual responses. If you have questions, please refer to the references cited in the article. However, we may produce an article to answer frequently asked questions in the future. (Personal information will remain private.)

Contact email address:

Personal Information Protection Policy

With regard to inquiries to Green Local Government Portal, we will not use your private information for any purpose other than for the operation of this website or for notification of events hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies. In addition, the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies will handle all private information in accordance with its privacy policy.

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