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Please feel free to link to this website.

No specific permission is required; however, please link to the front page of our website.

Green Local Government Portal

If a banner is needed, please choose from the following:
(They can be slightly adjusted to more suitable sizes by scaling)

Green Local Government Portal Banners

Size: 190x150

Green Local Government Portal

Size: 190x50

Green Local Government Portal

Size: :145×82

Green Local Government Portal

Size: 160×40

Green Local Government Portal

Linking to a specific page is allowed, provided that you explain that the link is to a specific article on this website. However, we ask that you refrain from directly linking to images or documents other than HTML pages.

Please inform us in advance for media publication.
If you would like to introduce the website in a media publication, please send us an email including the name, publisher, targeted release date, project details and contact information.

We typically grant permission in cases where our introduction is related to projects that support global warming measures and the expansion of renewable energy.
*Note. However, this is not applicable to the secondary use of articles.

Contact email address:

Printing of website contents is permitted, unless the copy is being used for commercial purposes; however, all printed documents must include an acknowledgment of the source (Green Local Government Portal), for example, by including a URL.

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