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Iida City, Nagano Prefecture


●Diffusion of solar water heating system
The solar water heating system reached an estimated over 30% diffusion rate of all households because of long hours of daytime in the city.

2004 Iida New Energy & Energy-Saving Regional Program
Iida City set an objective to diffuse photovoltaic power generation in 30% of total households by 2010.

2001~ Minami Shinshu EMS 21 (Iida Environmental ISO)
Iida City operates the Environmental Management System called Minami Shinshu EMS in southern Shinshu. This system aims to conserve the environment through community-based ecological activities based on proposed plans of each business sector in the city.


2004~2006 Environment and Economy Harmonization City Model Project
Ohisama Shimpo Energy Co., Ltd and Iida City has jointly operated citizen-financed projects to increase energy efficiency and to install photovoltaic geveration systems on the roof of nursery schools and city halls. The City is famous for launching progressive environmnetally beneficial public-private initiatives such as the long-term fixed price system which purchases electricity from photovoltaic power generation at high price.

Kanae Mitsuba Nursery School equipped with photovoltaic power generation systems
(Source: Ohisama Shimpo Energy Co., Ltd)


2008 Eco Model City
Iida City aims to create a low-carbon ecological society filled with energy of sun and forests, thereby establishing the Town Eco Energy System based on solar and biomass energy, and also reducing carbon emissions from built-up areas. Additionally, the City will increase public participation and secure a source of stable manpower to shape a vital low-carbon community. The City pursues to boost its sustainability by spreading these visions called Iida Model throughout the city.

Target Achievement


GHG (CO2): 40~50% reduction in commercial and residential sector by 2030
70% reduction by 2050 (base year 2005) (Proposal in the Eco Model City Competition)

Renewable Energy

Diffusion of photovoltaic generation in 30% of total households by 2010
(Iida New Energy & Energy-Saving Regional Program)

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