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Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture


1960~ Serious environmental hazard and environmental compliance
Kitakyushu City overcame environmental pollution due to hazardous air pollutants and industrial wastewater by promoting civic movements and public-private partnership, thereby accumulating the know-how to advance environmentally beneficial technologies and environmental administration. Pollution of those days was so devastating that it was called “seven-colored chemical smog” or “dead sea”.

1997~ Eco Town Project
The City established an experimental recycling facility and an ecological industrial complex composed of various recycling factories in the waterfront areas along Dokai Bay with a collaborative relationship among industry, government and academia.

General Ecological Industrial Complex and Hibiki Recycling Complex
(Source: Kitakyushu City)


2006・2007 Two-year Champion of the “Capital of Environmental Synthesis”
Kitakyushu City won the first prize for two consecutive years as the “Capital of Environmental Synthesis” in the competition to select the capital of environmentally-advanced cities in Japan under the initiative of environmental non-governmental organizations. Kitakyushu City ranked top among many categories such as the “Prevention of Global Warming and Energy Policy” and also received high recognition for its comprehensive environmental administration centering on the Eco Capital Promoting Office.

2007 Kitakyushu Next-Generation Energy Park
The City has promoted renewable energy use inclusively such as photovoltaic generation, wind power supplied by 10 large wind turbines in Hibiki Nada, and biomass production. The city expects to expand its industrial location for new energy as well as to boost environmental awareness among local people.

2007 Low-Carbon Society Vision
Kitakyushu City started to examine its intensive policy schemes to reduce GHG emissions from the city by 2050 with a strategic advisory team of external knowledgeable persons. The City formulated its long-term vision of urban structure, sustainable energy and transportation system, ecological industrial development and international cooperation.


2008 Eco Model City
Kitakyushu City intends to take the initiative in achieving low-carbon society in the growing Asian region as the “Environmental Frontier City in Asia”.

Project Scheme (as of July 2008)
・Next-Generation Energy Supply System Project
・Maintenance of Low-Carbon District for the Next 200 Years
・Early Establishment of Asian Low-Carbon Center

Target Achievement

GHG(CO2) Greenhouse Gas (Carbon Dioxide) Emissions

50% reduction by 2050 (base year 2005)
Proposed in the Eco Model City Competition

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