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Yokohama City

CO2 target

Established year Target Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program
FFY2008 -30% per inhabitant(= 5.3 million t/year)by 2025, -60% per inhabitant(= 13 million t/year)by 2050 FY2025 (mid-term), FY2050 (long-term) FY2004

Yokohama climate change action policy: Co-Do 30

Renewable energy target

Established year Target Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program
2008 10 times expansion of renewable energy use FY2025 FY2004

Yokohama climate change action policy: Co-Do 30

Concrete measures on climate change and renewable energy

項目 有無 内容
Subsidy for PV

65,000 yen per kilowatt to install PV system, providing up to 240,000 yen in total

Climate change plan

Climate Change Policy Headquarters

RE & EE plan for new building - -
Others - -
Corporation with other divisions :

Climate Change Policy Headquarters

Details of Initiatives and Programs


Yokohama City's Ordinance to Preserve Living Environment

Yokohama City of Kanagawa Prefecture partly revised its ordinance to preserve the living environment in February 2009, in order to further promote global warming countermeasures. The amended ordinance is expected to come into force in April 2010. The following are part of the details of the amendment.

1. Expansion of Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency in Yokohama (CASBEE Yokohama):
Yokohama aims to promote the market of environmentally friendly buildings, by enabling citizens to easily get information on the environmental performance of buildings. By the amendment, clients of buildings will be obliged to publicize the environmental performance assessment for the buildings and notify it to the city. They will also be required to positively explain the environmental performance of the buildings. Buildings with a total floor area of at least 5,000 square meters are currently subject to the assessment system, but in the future, the program will be expanded to cover buildings with a total floor area of 2,000 square meters or more.

2. Expansion of Climate Change Prevention Program:
Yokohama aims to make the program more widely cover operations divisions and to further promote businesses' voluntary efforts to address global warming. Yokohama also aims to increase the range of target companies (companies that emit more than a certain amount of total greenhouse gases in the city, and companies that use many cars for business purposes will be subject to the program). The city plans to evaluate their emission reduction efforts, award excellent companies, and announce the companies' names. Small- and medium-sized enterprises can voluntarily participate in this program.

3. Establishment of New Program to Promote Renewable Energy:
Yokohama will strive to achieve a 10-fold increase in the use of renewable energy, one of the goals under the Yokohama Action Plan to Stop Global Warming (CO-DO30). When constructing new buildings with a total floor area of 2,000 square meters or more, clients of the buildings are obliged to consider and report on the introduction of renewable energy.

Climate Change Strategy

2008年1月に「横浜市脱温暖化行動方針(CO-DO30)」を策定し、 2025年までに一人当たりの温室効果ガス(CO2)を30%減、2050年までに60%減という目標を掲げた。この、CO-DO30では、「生活」「ビジネス」「建物」「交通」「再生可能エネルギー」「都市と緑」「市役所」の7分野で具体的な政策方針を立てている。




Renewable Energy Policy



Climate Change Policy Headquarters of Yokohama City
Climate Change Policy Headquarters of Yokohama City (in Japanese)

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