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Hyogo Prefecture

CO2 target

Established year Target Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program
2000 -6% 2010 1990

Hyogo new climate change action plan

Renewable energy target

Established year Target Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program
2002 4,759,000kl (in oil equivalent) (introduced) 2010 1990

Green energy promotion program

Concrete measures on climate change and renewable energy

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Subsidy for PV

Climate change plan

RE & EE plan for new building

Others - -
Division in charge of climate change measures :

Air Pollution Control Division, Environmental Management Bureau

Corporation with other divisions :

Working with other divisions at Global Warming Measures Study Group of the Meeting for Environment-Friendly Society.

Other climate change measures :

Setting higher reduction target for large-scale businesses: Encouraging medium- and small-scale businesses and businesses which operate many small-scale outlets and to develop environment plans: Concluded the agreement to promote energy saving home appliances with mass retailers: 10-Fold Green Energy Strategy ( 10-fold of introduction of PV system and wind power in FY2010 from 2007 levels): Subsidy to household PV system.

Details of Initiatives and Programs

Climate Change Strategy
Renewable Energy Policy


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