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Saitama Prefecture

CO2 target

Established year Target Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program
2004 38,229t-CO2 2010 1990

Saitama climate change action plan

Renewable energy target

Established year Target Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program

Concrete measures on climate change and renewable energy

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Subsidy for PV

Climate change plan

RE & EE plan for new building - -
Others - -
Division in charge of climate change measures :

Environmental Planning Division, Environmental Department

Corporation with other divisions :

Industrial Promotion Division is in charge of new energy.

Details of Initiatives and Programs


Saitama Prefecture's Ordinance to Preserve Living Environment (Saitama Prefectural Ordinance No. 57 of 2001)

Climate Change Strategy

Saitama Prefecture's Program to Reduce Environmental Impacts (Eco-Up Declaration)

In accordance with Saitama Prefecture's ordinance to preserve the living environment (Saitama Prefectural Ordinance No. 57 of 2001), since April 1, 2002, the local government has required businesses that impose more than a certain level of impact on the environment to formulate a plan to reduce those impacts and to submit the plan to the local government. The plan, called Eco-Up declaration, must describe their environmental management initiatives, such as the establishment of impact reduction targets and the evaluation of results, in order to reduce environmental impacts from business activities and promote better communication on environmental issues between businesses and local communities. Businesses are also required to disclose their plans to the public.

Saitama Prefecture's Eco-Up Certification Program

Saitama Prefecture launched an Eco-Up program to certify Earth-friendly businesses on February 1, 2008. In this program, Saitama grants Eco-Up certification to businesses that are engaged in Saitama's Eco-Up declaration program in accordance with its ordinance to preserve the living environment, and that make an outstanding effort to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In the program, by giving official recognition to earth-friendly businesses, Saitama aims to help them make further efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, with a view to accelerating emission reductions in industry.

Saitama Prefecture's Eco-Up Declaration and Certification Programs (in Japanese)

Renewable Energy Policy

Support for Photovoltaic System Installation

In April 2009, Saitama Prefecture will begin to accept subsidy applications from individuals for installing residential photovoltaic (PV) generation systems. Also, to support businesses, Saitama is offering low-interest loans covered by a special fund for PV systems under its Kankyo Mirai Fund program.

Support for Photovoltaic System Installation (in Japanese)


Saitama Prefecture's Global Warming Measures (Global Warming Strategy Division, Environmental Department )
Saitama Prefecture's Global Warming Measures (in Japanese)

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