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Renewable energy target[Prefectures]

Name of prefecture Established year Target Target year Base year Ordinance, plan, program Green Electricity Certificate
Hokkaido FY2002 1.936,000 kl (in oil equivalent) FY2010 N/A Hokkaido action plan for promoting energy saving and new energy not considered.
Aomori 2000 PV: 30,000kW (2010)
Wind Power: 450,000kW (2015)
2010, 2015 N/A Aomori new energy vision (established in 2000), Aomori action plan for promoting wind power generation (established in 2006) Purchased green power certificate for Energy Ministers Meeting Commemorative International Forum (June 3, 2008).
Iwate 1998 399,000kl (in oil equivalent) 2010 N/A Iwate new energy vision Purchased green power certificate for prefecture-hosting events.
Miyagi 2005 714,000kl 2010 N/A A basic plan to promote renewable energy and energy saving not considered.
Akita FY2004 389,82kl (in oil equivalent) FY2010 N/A Akita new energy vision Purchased 1,000 kWh green power to fully supply electricity for an event "New Energy Equipment Exhibition 2008."
Yamagata FY1997 3.3% (primary energy supply) FY2010 N/A Yamagata new energy vision not considered.
Fukushima FY2004 3.4% of TFC* (in oil equivalent) FY2010 FY2002 Fukushima new energy vision Purchased green power certificate for prefecture-hosting events.
Ibaraki 2006 (revised) 1.7% of energy consumption 2010 N/A Ibaraki energy plan Used green power at the 23rd Citizens' Festival Ibaraki 2008.
Tochigi 2001 47,000kl (4.4% of energy consumption in base year ) 2010 1997 Tochigi new energy vision Aiming to purchase green power certificate for prefecture-hosting events.
Gunma N/A (unestablished) N/A N/A N/A not considered.
Saitama N/A (unestablished) N/A N/A N/A under consideration
Chiba 2006 440,000kl (1.4% of total energy) FY2010 FY2003 Chiba prefectural plan for promoting new energy industry Used green power certificate at some seminars.
Tokyo 2006 20% of total energy consumption 2020 N/A Tokyo Renewable Energy Strategy (2006), Tokyo Environmental Master Plan(2008) ・Public facilities and facilities purchasing electricity with bid are obliged to meet 5% of the anticipated electricity consumption with purchasing the Green Electricity Certificate
・The subsidy for solar energy in household (2009-2010) is delivered on condition that owner transfer the produced environmental value to Tokyo Metro Government (TMG), then TMG process the environmental value into Green Electricity or Heat Certificate and TMG will utilize the certificate in other sector
・TMG has developed demand pull measures of renewable energy as secretary of Green Energy Purchasing Forum
Kanagawa 2003 Supplied energy: 873,400kl (in oil equivalent), supply ratio: 2.67%(of FY2010 TFC*), PV: 74,700kl (305,100kW), Solar heat: 301,000kl, Wind: 5,300kl(11,800kW), Biomass power generation: 28,500kl(27,700kW), Biomass use: 56,200kl, Unused: 48,600kl, Waste power generation: 349,500kl(26.40kW), Waste heat: 9,600kl 2010 N/A Kanagawa new energy plan Implemented green power purchasing system (purchase of green power certificate is one of the criteria of general evaluation system for bidding).
Nigata Mar. 2006 PV: 84,520kW, 16,261kW, Solar heat: 3,100kl varies for each energy varies for each energy Nigata prefectural plan for promoting new energy not considered.
Toyama FY2003 3% of primary energy supply FY2010 N/A New energy introduction in Toyama Prefecture not considered.
Ishikawa 1997 PV: 40,400kW, Wind: 10,000kW, Waste power generation: 15,500kW 2010 N/A Ishikawa new energy vision N/A
Fukui FY2000 PV: 83,000kW, Wind: 8,000kW, Waste power generation: 1,600kW FY2010 FY1996 Fukui new energy and energy saving vision not considered.
Yamanashi 1996 to 2003 114,000t-CO2 N/A N/A Yamanashi climate change action plan under consideration
Nagano N/A (unestablished) N/A N/A N/A not considered.
Gifu 2006 154,911kl 2010 N/A Gifu new energy vision under consideration
Shizuoka FY2002 602,200kW FY2010 N/A Shizuoka strategic plan for promoting new energy Included the utilization of green power certificate in the manual for eco-friendly events.
Aichi FY2005 1,000,000 solar powered facilities FY2010 FY1990 Aichi climate change prevention strategy Implemented a model project to purchase green power certificate from PV system of newly built houses.
Evaluating the deposit of green power certificate to the prefecture as additional points in bidding for electricity projects.
Mie FY1999 (revised in FY2004) PV: 75,000kW, Wind: 102,000kW, Biomass power generation: 6,000kW end of FY2010 N/A Mie new energy vision not considered.
Shiga FY2004 3.9% of TFC* FY2010 N/A Shiga strategy for promoting new energy under consideration
Kyoto FY1999 (revised in FY2004) 4,500,000Gkal FY2010 N/A Kyoto energy vision Purchased green power certificate granted by Green Power Certification Center to compensate for electricity consumed in events. (ex. Kyoto Environment Festival, Pink Ribbon Kyoto 2008)
Osaka Mar. 2007 PV: 400,000kW, Green powered vehicle: 60,000, Waste power generation: 300,000kW, Co-generation: 720,000kW FY2010 N/A Plan for energy city Osaka implemented activities in some events
Hyogo 2002 4,759,000kl (in oil equivalent) (introduced) 2010 1990 Green energy promotion program under consideration
Nara 1999 PV: 47,600kW, wind: 1,500kW, Waste power generation: 42,000kW 2010 N/A Nara new energy promotion plan not considered.
Wakayama FY1997 PV: 50,000kW, Wind: 4,,000kW, Waste power generation: 10,000kW FY2010 N/A New energy vision not considered.
Tottori 2008 60,000kW 2007 to 2010 N/A Next generation program for environmental prefecture planning to implement activities.
Shimane FY2008 PV: 18,000kW, Wind: 180,000kW, biomass heat: 12,000kl, Biomass power generation: 6,200kW, Solar heat: 19,000kl
[FY2015]PV: 28,000kW, Wind: 270,000kW, Biomass heat: 1,500kl, biomass power generation: 7,800kW, Solar heat: 25,000kW, etc.
FY2010 N/A Shimane new energy action plan N/A
Okayama 2007 PV: 7,000kW (at public facilities and private offices) 2011 N/A Okayama Yumedukuri Plan Purchased green power certificate (2,000kWh) for prefecture-hosting event Eco Festa 2008.
Hiroshima FY2004 567,800kl (supply) FY2014 FY2003 Hiroshima new energy vision planning to implement activities.
Yamaguchi FY2001 PV: 56,000kW, Wind: 7,000kW, Solar heat: 3,000kl FY2010 FY1999 New energy vision not considered.
Tokushima FY2001 380,000kl FY2010 N/A Tokushima environmental policy; basic principles for global environment, energy, new energy measures, and new energy promotion under consideration
Kagawa FY2003 RE Target: 3% of prefectural power demand by PV, etc. FY2010 FY2002 Kagawa new energy action plan Using green power certificate for prefectural events.
Ehime FY2002 2,020Tcal(2.9%) FY2010 N/A Ehime new energy vision N/A
Kochi 1997 10,400kl 2010 1993 Kochi new energy vision not considered.
Fukuoka N/A (unestablished) N/A N/A N/A not considered.
Saga 2005 10%, PV: 10,000 cases, Co-generation, 200,000kW 2020 (long term) 2001 Saga strategic action plan for promoting new energy PV top-runner project: subsidy program for households that implemented PV system by utilizing green power certificate: applicant: residents in the prefecture who implemented PV system in FY2007 and FY2008: Subsidy: Up to 73,600 yen.
Nagasaki 2000 PV: 61,500kW, Wind: 18,800kW 2010 1999 Nagasaki new energy vision not considered.
Kumamoto FY2006 To be doubled compared to base year (PV) FY2010 FY2005 Kumamoto solar industry promotion strategy Sold green power value of biogas power generation at Kumamoto northern water purification center. (Now publicly seeking businesses that granted the certificate.)
Oita FY2003 73,600kl FY2010 N/A Oita new energy vision not considered.
Miyazaki FY2003 PV: 45,000kW, Wind: 4,500kW, Waste power generation: 34,500kW, Biomass power generation: 19,160kW FY2010 N/A New energy vision not considered.
Kagoshima 2003 PV: 8,300kW, Wind: 70,000kW, Solar heat: 70,000kl, Waste power generation: 21,000kW, Biomass power generation: 50,000kl 2010 N/A New energy vision not considered.
Okinawa 2001 PV: 53,000kW, Wind: 80,000kW 2010 N/A New energy vision not considered.
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