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"CASBEE for Japanese Local Government" Programs


These are programs that require businesses constructing buildings larger than a certain size to submit a "CASBEE Assessment Result Sheet" based on the Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency (CASBEE, which is under the auspices of Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport). CASBEE is an environmental labeling system by which an environmental performance score is calculated from the environmental quality and performance of the building interior and from external environmental impacts. A rank is assigned from one of five levels (S to C), based on a building's environmental assessment results in four areas (energy consumption, resource recycling, local environment, and indoor environment). The results of the evaluation are verified by a third party, presented in graphic form from a score sheet, and then disclosed to the public. Some local governments give incentives for businesses based on the evaluation results. This type of program is highly flexible, because local governments are also able to set their own guidelines and local criteria using assessment standards and different weighting coefficients for certain items.
At present, 13 local governments in Japan have made it mandatory for affected businesses to submit the CASBEE evaluation results along with Environmental Building Plans. They are Fukuoka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kitakyushu City, Kobe City, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Nagoya City, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Sapporo City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Yokohama City.

Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency (CASBEE) (New window will open.)

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